About us

Chengdu sincere optical equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in optical coating processing and high precision technology enterprise, the company was founded in 2012, now has four engineers in the coating, production and sales personnel more than 20. Our company can according to customer requirements of various kinds of optical lens module, can also according to customer requirements processing coated lenses. At present, the company's main development projects are:

A, the Diamond - like Carbon, DLC diamond-like Carbon (film) membrane, can be in all plating system, infrared material: professional 3-5 & 8 to 12 um efficient coating and peripheral protective film. Membrane layer is firm high transmittance. Military quality inspection

Product features: 1, the film adhesion is good

2, high surface quality, no sand

3, high transmittance

4, high hardness, resistance to friction and wear and corrosion resistant performance is good

5, available in various sizes (diameter 400 mm or less) of germanium and silicon flat or convex plating infrared window

6, processing and delivery cycle short, technology experienced

Gold-plated metal reflective film: reflective film (AU), silver (AG) reflective film, plating aluminum (AL) & uv strengthen aluminum reflective film, copper (CU) with conductive film,

Three, ZNSE professional high-power laser film.

Four, coating:

The 1190-380 nm uv coating

2400-1100 nm visible near infrared coating, (532 - nanometer single point coating, 532 + 1064 - nanometer double coating, 808 single point anti-reflection, 1064 single point coating), and bandwidth anti-reflection film of the region

3. The infrared coating: 1560 nano coating, 3 to 5 microns anti-reflection, 8 and 12 and 7 to 14 microns coating

Five, 'medium high membrane

1355 nm / 532 nm / 635 nm / 808 nm / 1064 nm single point, two point, three laser reflective film

2400-700 - nanometer high dielectric film, near infrared laser medium high membrane. Reflectivity can be up to 99.5%)

Six, all kinds of prism, lens, window, laser lens, beam splitter

Metal reflector, cylindrical lens, eight noodles mirror

Medium broadband mirror, all kinds of narrow-band filter

Such as silicon, germanium, zinc selenide infrared optical lens

Warm prompt: accept various singular pieces to figure processing.